Signet team members can count on a culture that invites them to be their best selves, introduces them to ideas that grow their passions, and inspires them to inspire love within our four walls and the four corners of the world.

Our Purpose

Inspiring Love

Our Mission

Enable all people to Celebrate Life and Express Love.

Committed to Building Leaders

We believe leadership happens at every level, no matter job title. We've even defined leadership traits that help us shape the kind of organization we want to become, for now and in the future. Watch our video series to learn Signet's our leadership traits.

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Core Values

Signet Jewelers’ core values are a set of principles that guide us and define us.
They ensure that we stay true to our Mission and live up to our Purpose.

People First

Appreciation  |  Inclusion  |  Joy

Our people come first. We support and appreciate each other, embrace differences, celebrate uniqueness, encourage development, and reward performance. We have fun together and feel the joy of delivering our mission every day.

Lead Bravely

Team  |  Innovative  |  Agile

We transform our future with courage and vision by working as a team. We are curious, challenge the status quo, and innovate. We are agile and fearless, committed to win by focusing on priorities that make a difference.

Own It

Accountable  | Integrity  | Continuous Improvement

We deliver on commitments because we are personally accountable. We learn from mistakes and strive for continuous improvement. We are trustworthy, always operating with the highest integrity.


Exceed Expectations  |  Earn Trust |  Build Relationships

We provide truly memorable experiences, striving to always exceed expectations. We delight in gaining customer trust, developing lasting relationships, and providing the best products, service, quality, and value.

Straight Talk

Honest  |  Respectful  |  Collaborative

We listen, seek the truth together, and tell it like it is, even when it’s difficult. We are honest and respectful. We communicate openly and clearly, strive to simplify, and drive collaboration.

Who We Are

Our purpose - our reason for being - is to inspire love

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