Peoples Jewellers is the largest retailer of fine jewellery in Canada, with nearly 130 locations from the Maritimes to British Columbia. Founded in 1919 as a family business, Peoples Jewellers has provided customers with a trusted and helpful shopping experience for more than 100 years.

The first company in Canada to sell jewellery on a payment plan, Peoples grew from modest beginnings to a national business. By 1957, it was the largest credit jeweller in the British Commonwealth. Today, Peoples continues to offer customers a wide variety of credit programs.

As a mall-based retailer in prime locations, Peoples provides Canadian consumers with an accessible and comfortable shopping experience, along with a strong assortment of fine jewellery and brand‐name watches. Known as “Canada’s #1 Diamond Store,” Peoples designs much of its own jewellery and offers styles for every occasion and every customer.

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