Our Corporate Sustainability Goals follow our Three Loves framework and include 11 goals with an aggregated 25 key performance indicators. 

These goals align to our company’s Inspiring Brilliance strategy and to the industry-specific SASB Standards for two Consumer Goods Sector categories: Apparel, Accessories & Footwear and Multiline and Specialty Retailers & Distributors.

See more about our sustainability goals in our latest sustainability report.

Love for All People

  • Increase economic opportunities for diverse suppliers.
  • Create an environment that proactively protects our customers’ and employees’ data and reduces data loss incidents through training, governance and compliance with data privacy standards.
  • We will annually drive increased diverse representation into our marketing activities to celebrate love inclusively.
  • Advance Signet’s social impact legacy through nonprofit partnerships that accelerate progress for our sustainability goals.

Love for Our Team

  • Increase representation of Women and People of Color at all executive levels.
  • Be an inclusive employer of choice.
  • Support career development for all team members through training, on the job development, and skills enhancement.

Love for our Planet and Products

  • Enhance integrity in the global jewelry supply chain through elevated transparency and accountability.
  • Enhance environmental stewardship in our business through innovative packaging design.
  • Accelerate business growth through strategic partners and services that extend the life of goods or repurposed materials.
  • Integrate carbon management in company operations and business planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.