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An Inside Look at the Dazzling Ring Worn by Each Pro Football Hall of Famer

08 / 03 / 2022


This week, professional football’s greatest will once again convene in Canton, Ohio, to honor the greats of the grid iron and induct the 2022 class of players, coaches, owners, (even officials) into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Those enshrined will receive a ring later this year from Signet’s KAY Jewelers that is far rarer than the ones worn by the winners of this year’s big game.

In fact, the KAY Jewelers Ring of Excellence has been presented to each living Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, and there have only been 362 inductees since the Hall’s inception in 1963. 

How rare is this iconic symbol of achievement and ultimate sportsmanship? Consider that there have been over 330 million people who’ve played the game of football – of which 5 million have played it in college and less than 30,000 who’ve ever been paid to play it, coach it or officiate it in the NFL. It is, indeed, quite an honor to be enshrined in famed halls of the football elite.

Since 2013, when the partnership began, the KAY Ring of Excellence has become every bit as iconic as it is spectacular, continuing to shine the way these football greats shined on the playing field.

Here’s what makes each KAY Ring of Excellence so special:

  • The total diamond weight is one and three-quarters carats, with each radiant diamond representing part of what makes this game, and this human being, so special. 

  • The outer diamonds of the ring create a stadium effect which surrounds the football-shaped diamond center. They represent the fans — the Sunday faithful — who, since 1892, have packed stadiums just to get a glimpse of their heroes.

  • The vibrant and captivating blue gemstone was selected both for its allure and symbolic meaning, as blue is associated with confidence, power and integrity — traits these incredible and inspiring athletes continue to display every day.

  • The centerpiece of the ring is a collection of diamonds that represent the collective of support that each inductee has received over the years to get to this point of recognition — teammates, coaches, family, friends and community. It’s been said the game of football is a microcosm for life, and both take unwavering support and love to be successful.

  • On each side of the ring, a customized ode to the enshrinee, reflecting the extraordinary career that helped define him. On one side, a likeness of the bronze bust that will forever live in Canton, his position and years in the league. On the other, the iconic Pro Football Hall of Fame logo and year of his induction. 

Congratulations to this year’s inductees into the hallowed halls of Canton. Signet and KAY Jewelers are proud to continue the strong and storied partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After all, it’s a partnership centered on inspiring love for the great game of football —and for one another — and standing for the values that drive humanity: honor, dignity, acceptance and respect for all.

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