Signet believes that love is enduring and, as a result, it demands that we hold ourselves and our operations to high standards for the sustainability of our planet and the responsible management of our supply chain.

Our environmental policy aligns with our values and makes our business more efficient, benefitting both the environment and our bottom line.

Environmental Highlights

Our Most Impactful Environmental Goals


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Signet is partnering with key suppliers, particularly transportation partners, to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We have committed to providing transparent targets and metrics of our progress. 


Signet has joined the United Nations Global Compact CEO Water Mandate and is committing to have a net positive water impact in water-stressed basins where we operate by 2050.

Learn about Signet's 2030 Corporate Sustainability Goals.


Embracing the Circular Economy


ring being polishedSignet is well-positioned to be a circular economy leader for the retail sector. Services like jewelry care and repair, jewelry trade-in programs, and jewelry rental and subscription enable customers to express their love for others and themselves while knowing that we make the best, sustainable use of every piece of jewelry we touch.


Learn about our contributions to a circular economy.




More about Signet’s environmental data, policies and commitments: