The principles of the circular economy and reducing our footprint on the environment are built into Signet’s business model. Each year, millions of pieces of jewelry pass through our hands. We extend the life of every piece of jewelry we touch with sustainability in mind.

Services like jewelry care and repair as well as diamond jewelry trade-in programs enable customers to express their love for others and themselves while knowing that most parts of the jewelry in our care is reused, resold, or repurposed. We offer programs that help our customers cherish their jewelry for a lifetime of enjoyment customers can pass on to future generations as heirlooms. .

Aligned with Signet’s commitment to contributing to a circular economy, we attempt to reuse every component from trade-in jewelry, including the ‘diamond dust.’ Signet maintains close working relationships with multiple refineries to both purchase and sell precious metals. These relationships enable to us recirculate precious metals through the economy.

Diamond Trade-In

Signet takes in thousands of pieces of jewelry each year through our trade-in programs. We restock loose diamonds and send them to our in-store design centers, where they are available to our jewelers to incorporate into new designs. We send precious metals to refineries where they can be repurposed and recirculated through the economy.

Learn about our diamond jewelry trade-in programs.


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Jewelry Care and Repair Services

Extending the usable life of a product is at the heart of a circular economy. Signet is the nation’s largest provider of jewelry repair services. In an average year, our more than 1,400 expert jewelers repair, restore and fix 4.5- 5 million pieces of jewelry. We have on-site jewelers in all Jared stores and in select Kay and Zales stores who specialize in jewelry repair and jewelry restoration.

Learn about our jewelry repair services.


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Custom Design Services

Our artisans assist customers in creating new pieces of jewelry from early concepts to beautiful, unique finished pieces. Our skilled jewelers allow customers to design jewelry from scratch, reimagine family heirlooms, redesign out-of-date pieces and transform worn or broken jewelry.

Learn how the Jared Foundry leads the industry in custom jewelry design.



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Jewelry Rental Subscriptions

One of Signet’s banners, Rocksbox, specializes in jewelry rental subscriptions so sustainability-conscious customers can make choices in line with their values by renting jewelry.

Learn more about how Rocksbox offers access to the ultimate jewelry collection.



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Merchandise Leveraging Reclaimed Gold and Repurposed Diamonds

The Remixed Reimagined line at Zales breathes new, contemporary life into reclaimed gold and repurposed diamonds. The collection features fashion-forward options like layered necklaces, rings, ear crawlers and hoops.




zales remized reimagined recycyled gold


Customer Gold Exchange Programs

Signet offers customers secure and convenient options for recycling gold and platinum. As one example, Kay Jewelers’ Gold Exchange program allows customers to sell their used, unwanted gold and platinum jewelry to give the materials new life and make some extra cash.




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