H. Todd Stitzer*

H. Todd Stitzer*, Chairman

H. Todd Stitzer, 68, has been Chairman of Signet since June 2012. Mr. Stitzer is a Director of privately held Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and a member of the
advisory board of Hamlin Capital Management, a privately held investment advisory firm. Prior to this, Mr. Stitzer was, until its acquisition by Kraft, Inc. in 2010, the Chief
Executive Officer of Cadbury plc (previously Cadbury Schweppes plc). Having joined that company in 1983 as Assistant General Counsel for North America, he later moved
into strategic planning, marketing and sales roles. Mr. Stitzer became CEO of Cadbury plc’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Dr Pepper/7 Up Inc., in 1997 and then of Cadbury plc in
2003. Mr. Stitzer practiced as an attorney with Lord, Day & Lord, was a director of publicly held Diageo plc between 2004 and June 2013, and was a member of the advisory
committee to the board of Virgin Group Holdings Ltd between 2010 and 2014.