Zales Jewelers operates primarily in shopping malls and offers a broad range of bridal, diamond solitaire and fashion jewelry. Zales Outlet operates in outlet malls and neighborhood power centers and capitalizes on Zales Jewelers’ national marketing and brand recognition. Like the rest of our store banners, Zales targets a mid-market jewelry customer. But where Zales differs is that it particularly targets a customer, we identify as a “stylish shopper,” for whom trend and leading styles are very important.

Zales Jewelers and Zales Outlet are collectively referred to as “Zales.” Zales accounted for 19% of Signet’s sales in Fiscal 2016 and operated a total of 730 stores, including 720 stores in the United States and 10 stores in Puerto Rico as of January 30, 2016. Zales is positioned as “The Diamond Store” given its emphasis on diamond jewelry, especially in bridal and fashion.

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